How (not) to eat at sushi conveyor belts

Kappasushi, Kurasushi, Hamasushi, the chain stores across Japan that provide the conveyor belt (kaiten) sushi experience will outrank the sushi stores in your home country by a hundred million miles. True sushi aficionados will turn their noses up at these ‘fast-food’ sushi restaurants, but for most gaijin, and most Japanese, they offer a cheap and accessible way to get your hands on the fish-and-rice goodness without being judged. Here’s how to do it. Read More

The best swimming spots in Northern Nagano

I used to think Japanese folding fans were just for decoration, I also used to think it wasn’t necessary to ever take 3 showers in one day, I used to think I wasn’t really a “sweaty person”, and then I experienced my first Japanese summer. They say some like it hot, but when the thermometer hits the mid-thirties (Celsius) and the humidity is over 85%, there’s nothing for it but to head for your favorite cool-down spot. Here’s my top 4 swimming holes in the area. Read More